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Guide for successfully referring a postpaid customer and maximizing on your Referral Sale! (TV+Wireless+Internten or a-la-carte postpaid services)

1. Ensure Customer is properly informed of plans/equipment details. To do this you must first be familiar with this information your self. Always recommend products and services from Top-Down for best customer product/service experience and maximize on savings available. If you are not a dealer please sign up here

You can use the Carrier Official Website to demo the product and Services with your customer on your store, but never complete a sale there, or you won't get any compensation for your efforts. For training on this, you may contact us and we will be happy to make an appointment and help you in this area.

· Unlimited & More – Unlimited & More Premium Plans:
· Bundle Packages
· AT&T Internet packages
· Entertainment –DIRECTV

Example: Fully Integrated Bundles Packages: TV+Wireless+Internet

2. Once you gain an agreement (customer sold & closed) and they like to buy. Immediately submit the form below and Contact our Dealer Support Line 442-456-4715 during our business hours. Please do not refer any customer who is not completely sold. The Agent hotline is only for assisting you with the Order Taking process so you can make extra income on these opportunities. Keep in mind that there may be other dealers waiting that have a sold customer and ready to go.

Hours of Operations- Monday - Friday: 11 AM to 5 PM - Pacific Standard Time.

There is another option if your customer is sold on the product/service and would like a callback if they don't have any more time to spend on your store. We can call them on your behalf within our business hours. Please always follow up later on with your customers as some may not be available or reachable when we call them back. We also speak Spanish to help you with Spanish speaking customer.

Please Provide your Name and Store Name when Calling In. Now you can fill out the form below and Contact us with your Sold Customer!

Once the customer bought a product or service, their purchase will arrive within 2 to 4 business days to their home address.

Your store will receive commission referral payment within 4 to 5 Weeks from the customer activation or installation date.

Any cancelation of service by the customer within 6 months will result in a chargeback to the Dealer.