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El Bodegon Distribution offers at&t prepaid SIM sales and activations in 42 US territories. Activate new prepaid service for the top rated and largest network in the nation (learn more about at&t prepaid no-contract cellular plans). Most plans work in the US, Mexico, and Canada. The AT&T Prepaid program can be sold at any retail business location, cellphones stores, C's stores, bodegas, supermarkets, and much more. Our partners are cellphone stores, distributors, business owners, ISO's. If you think we can both benefit from your operation fill out the form below. Tambien Hablamos espaƱol.

New SIM Cards for this Exciting Program
Initial FREE Marketing collateral for your store, once fully running. Sim-Cards are Triple Cut (Standard, Micro or Nano) can be activated on the dealer portal. BYOD any unlocked device, voice and data only device plans. Customers can also buy the sim card for later activation.

AT&T Prepaid Monthly Plans
No annual contract or credit checks. Customers can choose from five AT&T prepaid plans. Make the highest level of AT&T instant spiff commissions as an authorized AT&T prepaid dealer. Make instant commissions for all future service refills or top-up refills performed by you on the Online Dealer portal.

Which is the right program for me?
This program can be sold as a distributor partner, a retailer, affiliate or all three, it's up to you to execute the program that best fits your business strategy.

Don't leave any money on the table, have the ability to offer postpaid AT&T services to your customers. Attract existing AT&T customers into your store, help them upgrade their service and phone equipment and make money on the process. Receive commissions on the referral sales you bring in. Become our partner today. As an AT&T Authorized Retailer, El Bodegon Distribution can help you bring that business in your store. Offer some of the hottest postpaid deals in the market such as the Unlimited More Premium Plans. DirectTV, AT&T Internet and Much More. Receive the most offerings and income from your Master Distributor.

Equipment Purchases & Credit Line
Our retailers have the ability to buy phones and other equipment at wholesale cost and sell retail. Access to all of these features and more using our convenient, user-friendly online portal. Real-time activations, Port-ins, sim swaps, RTR from $1 to $499. Receive a credit line based on your qualifications and requirements.

Marketing materials
Dealers and retailers can download the printable files of all the plans with the most up to date plan info.

Other Activation opportunities:
Have the ability to activate Red Pocket, FreeUP Mobile, H20, EasyGo, Spectrum Cable, IPTV and top up most of today's major carriers, make commissions on all wherever the program is available.

How it works
Submit the information requested below and once approved usually within 48 to 72 business hours, you can start purchasing sim cards and recharging customers phones. We have a team of professionals that will help you get started so you can be in business right away. While you are waiting for your sim-cards you can do phone top-ups and recharges for your customer, is that simple.